Appointments and counseling pricing policies


Appointments can be requested by contacting John with details such your mobile number and so on. You will need to confirm your appointment by email or text message with your mobile number, land address and email address.

John can be contacted on his email at

John is taking on very few new people to work with and only works part-time on two half days per week.


As from 1/11/2019 my psychotherapy and training practice will have a new policy and set fees. 

Medicare and Fees

People who use Medicare have their medicare proportion bulk-billed and their out-of-pocket fee calculated as follows:

People who are Commonwealth beneficiaries - New Start = Medicare only, bulk-billed (i.e. no cost at all)

People who are on Aged Pensions without superannuation and paying a high level of mortgage or rent = Medicare only, bulk-billed (i.e. no cost at all)

Low income (less than $50,000 = Medicare) 

Private clients are charged minimally at $150 per session.  Clinicial Supervision is charged at $150 per session.

Sessions last 50 minutes


Medicare subsidized appointments.

Private practice with people using Medicare is one source of income and I am no longer able to provide leniency for missed or cancelled appointments at short notice without reasonable cause.  I am unable to charge Medicare for people who miss appointments. 

Therefore, appointments which are missed with less than a 2-day notice will be charged for at the Medicare rate of $80.90.  For people who are bulked billed with no additional income the charge will be half the Medicare rate (i.e. $38.00).

For people who miss, or cancel, an appointment at short notice without reasonable cause, no further appointments will be offered as a person on the waiting list will immediately be offered that time-slot.  They can re-start supportive care or treatment once any missed fees have been paid and their place in the waiting list comes up.  It is important to remember that when a person is “feeling good” it is the best time to work and develop new habits. This builds resilience.

Private clients

Private clients who miss an appointment are expected to pay for that missed appointment if notice has been less than a 36-hour period.


In general, no forms of abuse directed personally at me will be tolerated.  This includes people who wish to use verbal abuse . 

However, at times people may use language in being angry about life issues and past events and this is often a normal part of therapy and the healing process.

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