2024 Retreat

Compassion, Mindfulness & Nature Oriented Retreat

The Mindfulness and Nature Association have now taken over all retreats.  John will no longer run these retreats but a team consisting of several experienced MANA members will run them.

In 2024 the retreats will be run by the MANA Association Inc. who are currently considering where to hold future retreats. 

For enquiries and expressions of interest to attend, please get in touch with John for updates.

Mob: 0439 901 795 II Email: john.julian56@gmail.com


The retreat will be run by  a variety of people with John's guidance who has 25 years experience as a mindfulness teacher and a decade as a Mindful Self-Compassion teacher.

In the past the retreat has held in one of the 12-bed group lodges with bunkroom style accommodation and is fully catered.  Five days (or less) are also able spent in silence for those individuals requiring it for their professional development, or as mindfulness or compassion teachers.  The cost covers all accommodation, food and tutelage. 

All individuals will also need to fill in a personal details form and have a brief discussion with John before their place is confirmed. 


If you would like to arrange your own accommodation in or near the park, please contact John to discuss options and cost. Mob: 0439 901 795 II Email: john.julian56@gmail.com

Tidal River, Wilson's Prom

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